The time has come to organize and act collectively to elevate and escalate community engagement and civic action around these important issues.


One way is to join fellow members of the education, business, civic, and political communities and act together, collectively. Join the fight to end racial and economic inequality in New York City. 

Want to join a #DegreesNYC work group? Contact us at DegreesNYC@goddard.org or LaKisha Williams at LWilliams@goddard.org


What is #DegreesNYC?

Goddard Riverside Options Center, Young Invincibles, and Graduate NYC have teamed up to launch #DegreesNYC, a grassroots, collective-impact project to close the racial and income gaps that exist on the way to and through higher education in New York City. Together, we are working to align college and career efforts around a shared vision with clear goals.